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Affiliated Programs

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Anthropology Affiliations with Graduate Groups, Institutes, Centers, Consortia and Programs at UC Davis

Faculty can be members of Graduate Groups as well as serve in the Anthropology Department, and thus serve as major professor to students in those groups.  Such students are housed in Anthropology, and welcomed as full members of the Anthropology graduate student community.

Graduate Groups with which current faculty are affiliated are:

In the Evolutionary Processes Wing:
Animal Behavior Graduate Group
Graduate Group in Ecology
Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology
International Agricultural Development Graduate Group
McCowan Animal Behavior Laboratory for Welfare & Conservation
Population Biology Graduate Group

In the Sociocultural Processes Wing:
Cultural Studies Graduate Program
Graduate Group in Education
Geography Graduate Group
Human Development Graduate Group
International Agricultural Development Graduate Group
Graduate Group in Linguistics

Students may also choose a Designated Emphasis by application and completion of coursework requirements of the subjects.  Anthropology is affiliated with:

African and African American Studies
Critical Theory
Feminist Theory and Research
International Nutrition
Native American Studies
Second Language Acquisition
Social Theory and Comparative History
Studies in Performance and Practice

There are several inerdisciplinary faculty and graduate student centers, institutes and consortiums in which students may participate, and which offer colloquium series and other scholarly activities and support:

Consortium for Women and Research
Davis Humanities Institute
The Hemispheric Institute on the Americas
Science & Technology Studies

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