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Ant 128A: Fox Field Guide (2)

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Ch. 1. Diagram 6; p. 44. A patrilineage.


The descendents of the patrilineage are both shaded and enclosed in the dashed box. Ascending and descending generations trace links through males (father & sons).

Again, Fox uses a solid box in this chapter to represent the patrilineage; I have used a dashed line to be consistent with his usage in later chapters.

Fox also shows the marriage with an equals sign. This is his symbol to indicate a 'strong' spousal relationship, likely involving co-residence (which would be patri- or viri-local for the woman in this case).

Diagram 7 (p. 45; not shown here) is a real instance of such a patrilineage, showing desceased ancestors (circles and triangles with strike-throughs), and the actual number of male & female offspring born to a couple. Because females serve as wives but do not become members of their husband's patrilineage, the wives of the males in this arrangement, those linked by an equal sign in Diagram 6, are not depicted.