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Research in Katavi Rukwa Ecosystem



We currently are working on the following  projects:

Tim Caro is monitoring large mammal populations in Katavi National Park

Monique Borgerhoff Mulder is studying the life histories, marriage and child survival of Pimbwe living in Mirumba village

With Emily Fitzherbert we are documenting the factors driving the recent expansion in lion killing by Sukuma young men, and possible mitigation strategies

With Peter Mgawe we are recording the history of Mpimbwe and the Pimbwe people through oral interviews, community workshops, and mapping and two recent books on the history of the Pimbwe

With Martin Andimile we are quantifying the extent of illegal hunting in and around the protected areas, and developing corridor programmes.

With Jacob Mwalyoyo and John Salerno we are looking at the dynamics of the Sukuma migration across Tanzania.

A relatively recent overview of our work can be found in Borgerhoff Mulder, Caro & Msago (2007).

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In the past we have conducted the following collaborative projects (key publications can be found below)

Toby Gardner, Emily Fitzherbert, Tasila Banda, Mark Schwartz and Punit Lalbhai documented biodiversity inside and outside Katavi National Park

Chris O'Brien, Teresa Steele, and Amy Foutch have carried out pilot archaeological explanations in the village of Kibaoni .

Craig Hadley has analyzed factors affecting child health, nutrition, and maternal mental health (with Crystal Patil) across Kibaoni Ward.

Christopher Holmes examined the attitudes of the Pimbwe and Sukuma to living next to Katavi National Park, and their firewood use.

Brian Paciotti studied patterns of cooperation in the Sukuma Sungusungu organization

Peter Coppolillo evaluated the ecological implications of herding practices of Sukuma agropastoralists

Rebecca Lewison explored the factors affecting hippopotamus ecology


Here are some of our recent publications. If you want more details contact Tim Caro (tmcaro [at] or Monique Borgerhoff Mulder (mborgerhoffmulder [at]


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