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USPRC Funding





This research has been supported by a variety of funding agencies. Principal grants (excluding continuing institutional support directly to individuals) include:

1991  Neolithic Nomads - The Trek from Asia to North America; University Research Expeditions (PI: Bettinger).

1993  Comparing Arid Lands Adaptive Strategies in China and the USA, National Geographic Society #5086-93 (PI: Madsen).

1994  Comparing Arid Lands Adaptive Strategies in Northern China and the Western US – Part II, National Geographic Society #5339-94 (PI: Madsen).

1994 - 1995  Hunter-Gather Adaptive Strategies During the Late Paleolithic-Neolithic Transition in North-Central China, National Science Foundation #SBR-941092323 (PI: Elston).

1998-2001  Defining the Hunter-Gatherer Antecedents to Agriculture in North China, National Science Foundation # SBR-9729929 (PI: Madsen).

2000  Study of Archaeological Collections of the Central Asiatic Expeditions of 1925 and 1928. American Museum of Natural History study grant (PI: Elston).

2003-2005  AWARE U.S.-China Cooperative Research on Pleistocene Hunter-Gatherers of the Tibetan Plateau, National Science Foundation # INT-0214870 (PI: Brantingham).

2002-2003  High-Risk Survey For The Earliest Agriculture In North China, National Science Foundation # BCS-0222742 (PI: Bettinger).

2004-2005  Human-environment Interactions and the Origins of Agriculture in Northwest China, Pacific Rim Research Program (PI: Brantingham)

2005 The timing and context of plant domestication and human dietary change in Neolithic North China, Pacific Rim Research Program Planning Grant (PI:Barton)

2006  The Preagricultural Components at Dadiwan, Shao Dian Village, Gansu Province, Northwest China; National Geographic Society Committee for Research and Exploration (PI:Bettinger)

2006-2007  Human Diet and Domestication: a critical evaluation of low-level food production in northwest China; Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research (PI:Barton)

2007  The Archaeology of Archaic and Early Modern Humans in Northwest China; The Leakey Foundation (PI:Bettinger)




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